We Bring The Fun

The Foam Team is the leading provider of high-quality Foam Party Entertainment in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

This is the best birthday ever!

– Ethan, 8

The Foam Facts

Our Foam Cannon can shoot out foam up to 40 feet and fill an area of up to 4 ft high in just a few minutes!


All of our foam machine solutions are completely biodegradable, keeping the surrounding environment free from harm and eliminating the need for clean-up.


Even guests with sensitive skin and allergies can have a blast at your foam party, thanks to the hypo-allergenic formulations of our foam machine solutions.

Non-Staining And Scent Free

Forget worrying about permanent stains and lasting damage, because our solutions are all non-staining. Plus, the unscented solutions won’t create a powerful odor or irritate allergies.

How The Foam Party Works

The Foam Team will arrive 30 minutes before the start time to set up.

We need a location within 50 ft of the water supply and a standard electrical outlet for the Foam Party.   We also need a clear space of at least 20 x 20 ft.  A grassy area works best, but pavement will work too.

After quick safety rules, we start the music and the foam flies!

At the end of your event, we pack up and float away to our next event.  The foam will dissolve over several minutes to an hour depending on the weather.

The Foam Team provides Full Service Foam Parties and we also have options to rent equipment for a Do-It-Yourself Foam Party. 

Please contact us with any questions or for special requests.  

Full Service Foam Party

Do-It-Yourself Foam Party

Have more flexibility with a Do-It-Yourself Foam Party!

Our quick and easy dump foam machine is perfect for your backyard party.  Quick set up in about 15 minutes and it has everything you need to have your own Foam Party.

On the day of your rental, we deliver your equipment in the morning and do a basic setup for you.

When it's time for your party to start, just mix in the Foam Pack and press the button! Keep the Foam Machine for at least 6 hours or longer!

We are back to pick up everything that evening!

If you need to have the Foam Machine dropped off or picked up at a different time, just let us know and we will work around your schedule.