Frequently Asked Questions

Is the foam safe for my kids, pets, lawn, plants and grandma?

The Foam Team only uses foam products specifically made for this type of event.  We DO NOT use “soap” or Dawn Dish Detergent like some other companies.  We only use professional-grade foam solutions.

Our foam solutions are bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-staining hypoallergenic. This is completely safe for kids and adults. MSDS can be provided upon request.

The foam is also safe for pets, lawns, plants, and even grandma.

How does the Foam Party work?

The Foam Team arrives 20-30 minutes before the start time. We set up a 5×5 walled tent within 50 feet of a water source and electricity.  An hour of foam party uses 2 tubs full of water, about 100 gallons, which is supplied by you.

We require an area of at least 20×20 ft which should be mostly clear of any obstacles.  While grass is the best choice, just about any surface will work.

The sound system and the foam cannon start up the party with beach balls and games in between.  We have several age-appropriate playlists or we are happy to play your music or playlist.  (There will be a Journey song most likely)

What do you wear to a Foam Party.

At The Foam Team, we usually wear a t-shirt and shorts with a hat for sun protection…but we are working.  

Kids and the Foam Party guest can really wear anything.  While t-shirt and shorts will work just fine, we do recommend swimsuits for the kids who are likely going to play longer.

We also recommend swim goggles for the younger kids.  The foam is safe and does not cause any eye burning or skin irritation, some younger kids don’t like anything in or around their eyes and will have more fun with some swim goggles.  

Do you get wet from the foam?

A quick run through the foam may leave you just a bit damp but an hour of play will leave you mostly wet.

We are spraying about 100 gallons of water an hour into the Foam Party area, so bring a towel. cool

Is this just or kids?

No! Foam is a perfect activity for all ages. Our Night Time Party is great for teenagers and college groups.

How long is a Foam Party?

The Foam Team can support any size or length of events.  

The standard birthday event is for 1 – 2 hours and all depends on the number of people attending.  We recommend an hour for parties up to 15 people and longer if you have more space or more people.  

We are available for events, festivals concerts, and larger parties where we can have Foam Party times scheduled or simply run for hours if needed.  

If you are thinking this would be great for your kid’s birthday party, week-long music festival, county fair, school field day, or any event, just give us a call and we can talk about your plans.  

Is the foam safe for my pool?

The simple answer to this question is yes, the foam is safe for your pool.  However, your pool is not safe for the foam.

While it looks cool and super fun, adding foam to a pool causes an increased risk of drowning, falls, and injury.  Kids (and adults) may get buried under the foam and not be visible if they have a problem.  The foam hides the pool edges increasing the risk of injury.  The foam will also be slippery on some surfaces and would cause an increased risk of falls.

For these reasons, we typically do not do foam pool parties.  If you feel you have a situation where a pool party can be done safely, feel free to reach out so we can review your plans.

How hard is the clean up after a foam party?

Our foam fluid is designed to dissipate in the sun and dissolves quickly after the event.  It will take up to a day to fully dissolve big areas. If it needs to dissolve faster, you can spray water on it with a hose.  

We offer to spray down the Foam Party area after each party or you can let it dissolve naturally.  We do suggest hosing the area off or running a sprinkler at some point after the Foam Party.

What else should I know?

Please review our Teams And Conditions prior to any booking.